Monday, August 31, 2009


One of my proudest mom moments so far happened a few weeks ago. Keith and I were pushing Luke through the shoe section at Target when Luke repeatedly started saying the word "shoes" until we handed him a pair. I mean, the kid's vocabulary consists of Momma, Dada, Rosco, yeah, and boom. And now Shoes!

Since his shoe discovery, Luke has wanted to put our shoes on as well. This is a video of Luke trying to walk in Keith's flip-flops. He gets super determined and I apparently offended him when I said "all done." That launched him into one of his other new favorite things: tantrums.

The aftermath of the tantrum went something like this.

You are very welcome for not taping that. Not something you would have wanted to hear anyway. Trust me.

18 weeks

This is a few weeks old at this point, but I was thinking to myself the other day: I love to see pictures that people post of their pregnant bellies. Maybe I'm completely weird, but in case any of you have the same tummy infatuation that I do, enjoy.

the hairy beast

Luke needs a haircut. Like really bad. I've meant to call to make the appointment on many occasions, but always manage to find something more important or pressing (like taking a nap or playing with Luke) and I completely space making the phone call. I do have to admit that I kind of like the curliness that happens when he makes up from a nap where he's gotten slightly sweaty. Those are the cute curls. I, however, am NOT a fan of what happens after the bath.

Monday, August 24, 2009


I know I'm completely behind on posting and there are so many other things that I need to post about and I promise to get to them. At some point. Maybe this week. (But don't hold your breath.)

This post is very close to my heart and I need to get it out there.

For all the worrying and stress that Keith and I put ourselves through with the lead-up to Luke beginning daycare, you would think that each of would have some kind of stone or nervous tick to show for it. I am very proud of Luke to say that he has adjusted and adapted better than we ever could have expected. He's actually thriving in his new environment. He's begun to say more words, become more social with other kiddos, and seems to be much more easy-going about a lot of stuff. There are kids and dogs and cars and he loves every second of it. When we go to get him in the afternoon, he can't decide if he wants to come home or stay to play longer. I even mentioned to Keith on Saturday that, because things are going so well, I wouldn't mind having him go there next year and I'll teach again.

On Sunday, the dominoes began falling. Because the Daycare Lady's (Sandra) neighbor is a mean and grouchy old man, a series of events have been set in motion where Sandra is no longer able to watch Luke. Basically, my son can't continue at a place that he has done so well at because some jerk wants to have it out with his neighbor. I would like to personally give this man a huge piece of my mind or a good swift kick to the shins, but I know it won't help anything. What's done is done and my son is the one suffering the consequences.

My heart was breaking a month ago because he was going to daycare; now, it's breaking for Luke because he can't go anymore. Funny how quickly things change.

Monday, August 17, 2009


We're still alive here at Casa de Walt.

First week at school was an adventure.

Parents are living with next to nothing in their new place in Florence, but they made it safely here.

Luke is battling his first cold.

I'm still pregnant.

Will post more when I feel like I've got my head above water and Luke's head cleared of all of those pesky boogers.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Luke is already trying to bite the new baby. Yes, the child that is still in my stomach is already getting picked on by his/her older brother.

As Keith, Luke, and I were playing, Luke crawled up to me and started snuggling with me. Never one to turn down a good snuggle (or any snuggle for that matter), I welcomed him with open arms. As he laid his head down on my belly I actually thought to myself how sweet a picture this could make. Until I felt Luke bite through two layers of clothing to break skin. Sweet.

On a completely related note, Luke is cutting three more of his bottom teeth and required a full dose of Tylenol and rocking him to get him to go to sleep tonight.