Friday, June 27, 2008

not worried, just PISSED

so at about 1:30, yes just an hour and a half until my surgery, I get a call from the dentist's office to confirm my appointment for Monday at 3:00 pm. My appointment was for today at three but they had failed to call yesterday to let me know that they had to reschedule because the doctor was at a conference. They didn't know this on Wednesday when I made the appointment?!? They assumed that I would not have any problem making it for the time on Monday. Uh, I have baby-sitters and rides to schedule. Thanks for the notice! Also, I wasn't able to eat or drink for 8 hours before the surgery so I hadn't had anything to eat or drink since 7am and had purposely woken up early so that I could stuff myself before the cutoff. Do you know what its like to have to run errands in the June Phoenix heat without being able to drink water? Of course, I thought these things had to be done because I was going to be out of it for a few days. Little did I know! I am so frickin' angry!

And no, I am not going on Monday. I had mentally prepared myself for this today and with my nerves shot, I'm refusing. I'll just do the surgery some other time. So there.

***vent over...thanks for listening***

Happy are some new pictures of my little man to cheer myself up!

Luke in his baptism outfit

Hey buddy!

He's learning to smile for the camera!

He's ready to drive with his keys

Can't quite figure out how to get this one in his mouth. He actually smacked himself in the head a few times before it worked...oops!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

thing #5,367 that i'm afraid of:

the dentist. If I'm being honest, it had been a *long* time since I'd been before I went two weeks ago. As if the drilling, scraping, and other equally horrific sounds aren't bad enough, I have this fear of being reprimanded by the dentist because my teeth aren't already clean enough or they aren't in the right place or I have a cavity or I might some kind of terrible procedure. Well after putting this appointment off for coughyearscough, I finally decided to go (or the fact that I wouldn't have dental insurance after June 30th might have helped). Turns out I had a very small cavity, but I did have to go back for another appointment yesterday to have it filled. Now anyone else who knows me knows that I have a fear of needles, so it was a really big deal for me to even go back to the dentist to have it filled. While I'm there yesterday, they also mention that I'll need to get my wisdom teeth out. After reviewing my x-rays, they decide that these crappy teeth need to come out sooner than later, so I'm now scheduled to have them removed TOMORROW! I have to be put completely under because all four are impacted under bone. As the doctor put it, "It will be better to be put all the way under so you don't hear the sound of the drill going through the bone." Wow, I'm sooo excited.

Can you see why I don't like the dentist?!? Please pray for me...

Monday, June 23, 2008

luke's baptism

On Saturday, we celebrated Luke's Baptism. Luke is one lucky kid. A good majority of our family and a lot of our friends were able to make it and share in the celebration with us. Seeing as how I'm not the most gifted at writing the recap, I'll tell the story in pictures. Here it goes...

During the baptism...Keith almost lighting my hair on fire with the candle
Smile! Godparents, parents, and Cousin Fr. Pat!
Luke's Godparents: Andrea and {big} Luke Seibolt
The Waltemeyer's...and in true Keith form, his eyes are closed
Babies AND mommies this time! Kristi and Ashlyn, Me and Luke, and Lindsay and Gabrielle
There were so many more pictures I wanted to add but I have been fighting with the photo uploader since Monday, so this is the best it gets. Enjoy!

Monday, June 16, 2008

the saga of bathtime

Its amazing to me how two months can change so many things. When we came home from the hospital two short months ago, you would have thought that we were physically torturing our child as we were bathing him. In short, he was SO NOT a fan of the bath.

As we progressed and our sweet child aged, we still felt like the worst parents in the world when we would have to bathe him. Our normally peaceful child morphed into a screaming mess. After one month, he still finished a bath looking like we'd gone ten rounds in a fight, not sure who actually could be called the winner.

And last night, on his two month birthday, on Father's Day mind you, this is what greeted us in the bath tub. It seems as if some miraculous light bulb came on in his precious little head that helped him to understand we were only trying to clean him, not harm him. Of course the mom and scrapbooker in me immediately ran for the camera to document it as Keith watched him.

Of course after about 20 picutures, I tried to get a grump face out of him and this is what he gave me for one picture and then he went right back to Smiley Baby mode.

Finally after two months of bathing, Luke is happy even after getting out of the bath. Wonder of wonders!In summary, I would like to thank Luke for being so kind to his daddy on Father's Day and blessing us with an enjoyable bath experience. We love you buddy!

father's day

Keith could probably say a whole lot more about how Father's Day was for him, but I thought that it went really well. After early Mass, we had to come home and get things ready for our families to come over for brunch. Poor Keith had to clean the house alone because Luke was taking his sweet time to eat. We had a great time after the smoke cleared out from the french toast and bacon cooking situation...I think its time for a new pan to cook in. We were able to get sme family photos together:

The Waltemeyer Boys

Grump Face for Grandpa

Grandpas and Babies

The Feidler Family photo

Cousins Luke and Killian: Everyone's Favorite(s)

randy's graduation

My youngest brother, Randy, graduated from Higley High the night of the ginormous rainstorm in Arizona. Higley had a semi-smart moment and moved the graduation inside their auditorium instead of leaving it outside like some other crazy high schools I heard of. The only drawback was that they had two ceremonies because they had split the class in half. Also, each student was only able to have 6 people attend the ceremony due to lack of seating. I felt really bad for those people who had flown in from around the country to see the special someone graduate, only to get stuck in the freak rainstorm outside. Luckily, I was one of the few who was able to get in so I didn't have to worry about that situation and due to the cramped quarters and lack of seats, I didn't even have to worry about bringing Luke and wondering how he would cope. Problem solved!

Yay for Randy graduating!
Randy and my proud parents

Randy adores Andrea so he was super excited when she came to his party this past weekend!

Randy and Jaden Stefaniak

The beautiful Stefaniak ladies

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

surprise, surprise...more baby stuff!

I just have to start off by saying that my little guy is brilliant already. ;)
Yesterday, my mom and my sister came over to visit for the day. It was great to finally get Killian and Luke together. We were able to just hang out together and the boys enjoyed each other's company for the few minutes they were awake together. Cousins!
Grandma and her two boys
Mom, are you sure he's my cousin?

Killian will learn fast that I like to take a lot of pictures. Sorry buddy!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

best buddies!

On Keith's birthday last year, somehow Kristi, Lindsay, and I all annoncued that we were pregnant. We very quickly realized that we were all due within two or three weeks of each other. We had joked for years that we would all try to have babies at the same time, but when it came time to try, no one mentioned it again. Ironically, that is how it ended up! Although Luke and Ashlyn were due on the same day, Ashlyn was born first on March 28, 19 days early (and very quickly!) and Luke came second on April 15, 9 days late (stink bug!). Gabrielle came on her due date, April 19. Since this time, we have ben getting the babies together for play dates a la the Tostitos commercial. Its really more for our benefit to a.)get out of the house, b.)have some adult interaction, and c.)make sure that all the crazy and weird thing that are happening to our bodies and minds are not abnormal. It has been such a blessing to share such a fun time my life with these ladies and their adorable babies!

First playdate April 30, 2008
Fourth play date May 28, 2008
Getting so big!
Fifth playdate June 5, 2008

Monday, June 2, 2008

killian robert wright

After a long day and night, my sister finally delivered my first nephew on May 31 at 5:36 in the morning. He is absolutely beautiful and I am so proud of all of them! Here are a few pictures of our newest family addition: