Monday, June 16, 2008

the saga of bathtime

Its amazing to me how two months can change so many things. When we came home from the hospital two short months ago, you would have thought that we were physically torturing our child as we were bathing him. In short, he was SO NOT a fan of the bath.

As we progressed and our sweet child aged, we still felt like the worst parents in the world when we would have to bathe him. Our normally peaceful child morphed into a screaming mess. After one month, he still finished a bath looking like we'd gone ten rounds in a fight, not sure who actually could be called the winner.

And last night, on his two month birthday, on Father's Day mind you, this is what greeted us in the bath tub. It seems as if some miraculous light bulb came on in his precious little head that helped him to understand we were only trying to clean him, not harm him. Of course the mom and scrapbooker in me immediately ran for the camera to document it as Keith watched him.

Of course after about 20 picutures, I tried to get a grump face out of him and this is what he gave me for one picture and then he went right back to Smiley Baby mode.

Finally after two months of bathing, Luke is happy even after getting out of the bath. Wonder of wonders!In summary, I would like to thank Luke for being so kind to his daddy on Father's Day and blessing us with an enjoyable bath experience. We love you buddy!


H said...

Oh my goodness how precious! I am glad he has decided to make bathtime a happier time for all involved! Looking forward to seeing you Saturday! XoXo

The Westover Update said...

Oh these are the cutest!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY by the way!!

kristi*june said...

thanks for the sweet comment the other day. i love you too!

PS: can't believe i didn't say this on your birthday... (having a real job takes away from the joy of blog hopping every day! lol) but, HAPPY*BIRTHDAY!!!! xoxo

ps: your little man is growing so fast-- he is so darn handsome :)

{Mullins} said...

lol! what a great gift!