Wednesday, November 9, 2011


As much fun as we had this morning snuggling and playing with puzzles, we had an equal amount of fun playing in the back yard this afternoon. Our winter grass has grown in thick and lush and with a balmy 75 degrees as the temperature, we couldn't not spend some time outside.

Luke couldn't help but check out every.single.thing. for fear that something would get him. Reagan spent the time inspecting Luke and all of his craziness. Luke even tried to get her to go through tunnels and ride toys that he wasn't sure of first.

And can I just ask something? How many places do you know of where you can find water spots on a plant like this? Not many, I'd say...


These past few mornings have had a definite chill to them. Phoenix finally made the lovely transition from summer to winter. Yeah -- it seems as if we forgot the Fall memo this year. Such is life in the good ol' desert.

I decided this morning, as we were snuggled under blankets to keep the chill at bay, that we needed to make today a chill day of our own, complete with jammies until noon, dressing up like cowboys, and taking time to not make any plans.

The kids have taken quite well to the lack of plans and have really enjoyed each other's company today, or at least more than usual.

(I didn't say they were 100% friendly to each other. Come on! I have two toddlers! Do you see Reagan's Grabby-Hand-of-Death?)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Paige Joanalynn

This past week has been a very rough one for my family. On Wednesday, my cousin's newborn daughter passed away due to complications from birth. We've banded together as a family to support them and help as much as possible, but how much can you really do to help a tragedy like this?

I decided to make a remembrance board and I wanted to share it on the day sweet Paige is put to rest. Please keep Paige, her grieving parents, and the rest of our family in your prayers today.

Now as I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
But should I die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


We waited until the day before Halloween to carve pumpkins this year. It was just too hot to do it any earlier. And if I'm being 100% honest, this is the first time Keith and I have been brave enough to carve pumpkins with them, so we put it off until we couldn't any longer.

Luke, as I totally expected, wanted no part in sticking his hands inside the pumpkin and was more than happy to let Keith handle all of that.

Reagan, on the other hand and true to form herself, wanted no part in anyone helping her in any way. She was bound and determined to complete her pumpkin solo.

Luke was happy with his happy pumpkin.

After some relaxing, Reagan spent some time inspecting her pumpkin. Poor Reagan's pumpkin. I had initially attempted a witch hat, but that failed miserably, so she ended up with a very "special" pumpkin.

All done and ready for Halloween!