Wednesday, November 9, 2011


These past few mornings have had a definite chill to them. Phoenix finally made the lovely transition from summer to winter. Yeah -- it seems as if we forgot the Fall memo this year. Such is life in the good ol' desert.

I decided this morning, as we were snuggled under blankets to keep the chill at bay, that we needed to make today a chill day of our own, complete with jammies until noon, dressing up like cowboys, and taking time to not make any plans.

The kids have taken quite well to the lack of plans and have really enjoyed each other's company today, or at least more than usual.

(I didn't say they were 100% friendly to each other. Come on! I have two toddlers! Do you see Reagan's Grabby-Hand-of-Death?)

1 comment:

Renee' said...

Too cute. I wish we could still have nothing, stay in your jammies day.