Monday, June 23, 2008

luke's baptism

On Saturday, we celebrated Luke's Baptism. Luke is one lucky kid. A good majority of our family and a lot of our friends were able to make it and share in the celebration with us. Seeing as how I'm not the most gifted at writing the recap, I'll tell the story in pictures. Here it goes...

During the baptism...Keith almost lighting my hair on fire with the candle
Smile! Godparents, parents, and Cousin Fr. Pat!
Luke's Godparents: Andrea and {big} Luke Seibolt
The Waltemeyer's...and in true Keith form, his eyes are closed
Babies AND mommies this time! Kristi and Ashlyn, Me and Luke, and Lindsay and Gabrielle
There were so many more pictures I wanted to add but I have been fighting with the photo uploader since Monday, so this is the best it gets. Enjoy!

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{Mullins} said...

how wonderful! what a great day, i'm glad it went so well!