Tuesday, June 10, 2008

best buddies!

On Keith's birthday last year, somehow Kristi, Lindsay, and I all annoncued that we were pregnant. We very quickly realized that we were all due within two or three weeks of each other. We had joked for years that we would all try to have babies at the same time, but when it came time to try, no one mentioned it again. Ironically, that is how it ended up! Although Luke and Ashlyn were due on the same day, Ashlyn was born first on March 28, 19 days early (and very quickly!) and Luke came second on April 15, 9 days late (stink bug!). Gabrielle came on her due date, April 19. Since this time, we have ben getting the babies together for play dates a la the Tostitos commercial. Its really more for our benefit to a.)get out of the house, b.)have some adult interaction, and c.)make sure that all the crazy and weird thing that are happening to our bodies and minds are not abnormal. It has been such a blessing to share such a fun time my life with these ladies and their adorable babies!

First playdate April 30, 2008
Fourth play date May 28, 2008
Getting so big!
Fifth playdate June 5, 2008

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