Sunday, December 27, 2009

punkin patch

While I was on Fall Break, Keith took a day off of work so we could take Luke to Mother Nature's Farm for their Annual Pumpkin Festival. I was so excited to take Luke; I have this slight obsession with "punkins" and had been waiting for months to take Luke to pick out a pumpkin and take pictures with pumpkins. The day was even that much better that Keith was able to come with us. It ended up being a seriously good thing because there would have been no way that my pregnant self would have been able to keep up with Luke solo. That kid can run.

Anyways, right after you went in , they had a set up of baby chicks that had just hatched and Luke was enthralled with them. I think he would have still been as happy as can be if that was the only thing he got to see the whole morning.

Next up was the petting zoo portion of the Farm. Luke loves animals and he was excited to see turkeys, goats, sheep, horses, cows, and pigs. He even moo'd when he caught sight of the cows.

From the petting zoo, we meandered over to where you wait for the hayride. We passed the moon bounce/jumpy house thing on our way and Luke took off into a full sprint trying to get to that thing. Poor guy is still way too small to be jumping around with the larger kids, so Keith was the lucky one who got to explain that he wasn't going to be able to go on that. At the rate Luke is growing though, he'll be able to fend for himself next year.

We finally got on the hayride and as it started, Luke shot me this look:

To me, it screams, "Seriously, Mom, this is not a hayride. It is a giant cart with three bales of hay in the middle so they can claim its a hayride. We going along a really bumpy, really dusty road looking at the junk the farm's neighbors have spread across their property. Waste of my time."

After the fiasco of a hayride, we headed over to the area where he was able to pick his own pumpkin to decorate there. After roaming through and trying to figure out which one to pick, he took a seat to think it over. I think the one he ended up picking was one he sat on. Never judge the methods to picking out a quality pumpkin.

The farm had a neat little covered area where they had tables set up with peel-n-stick decorations for the pumpkins. Luke and I enjoyed picking out stickers and putting them on the pumpkin.

The last stop on our day of pumpkin fun was the pumpkin patch area to take the required pumpkin pictures.Luke was near the end of his rope by this time, so the majority of the shots look like the first one: just his back as he's running away from us. At least he was laughing as he was doing it!

Although the whole thing only took about 1.5 hours, we had a great time sharing pumpkin picking with Luke. Can't wait for next year!

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