Tuesday, January 3, 2012

done and fun

The shots are done. Well, at least the first of up to three possible rounds of shots. I survived. I was once again a solid 30 years younger than any other patient in the surgery center. The recovery the day of the shots is not on my high priority "Let's Do That Again!" list. Ick.
Thankfully, I have two ridiculously cute and crazy kidlets who never cease to keep me on my toes. Here are some of the gems I've heard/experienced this week:

Luke enjoys singing along with Adele, although he's rewritten some of her lyrics. Rumor Has It has now become MooMoo Has It and it's futile to try to convince him that he's not singing it correctly.

On the subject of singing, Luke also loves to make up his own songs too. As we were baking cookies today, he began to sing a song about how we were making cookies for Daddy, not for Santa, because Santa is too full from all of our cookies he ate before.

Reagan went from absolutely no words at 18 months to talking more than we can keep up with now. Her favorite words: mine, yucky, momma, cookie, and EAT. And yes, eat is pronounced just like that. EAT.

Food cannot be left out where Reagan can sniff it out or climb to reach it. If she even hears you mention a word that involves food of any kind, she come running as fast as her little legs can carry her. Luke has left some food from a meal or a snack on occasion and has come back later to eat it and found that it's gone. Two guesses where it ended up...

Reagan is convinced that she's ready to use the big girl potty. She gets super excited, convinces me to take off her pants and diaper, and then all she does is pass gas. That's it. She refuses to do anything else in there. Her day will come soon enough.

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