Thursday, April 5, 2012


It's a tradition each year for Keith and I to color Easter eggs with Andrea and Andrew and now that the kids are old enough to understand the process, we included them plus Andrew's cousin Adam. I always love getting to hang out with some of my fave people {yes, that's you too Andrew} and Easter egg hunting holds a special place in my heart.

See, every year either Andrea of myself forgets to buy the vinegar. And each year we always have a goal to dye one egg black for Andrea's dad, Tom. I'm not even sure why we do that, but it's always funny to see how it ends up.

The kids were super excited; this was a completely new experience for them. We did have some difficulty with the logistics though...

Reagan had a really tough time understanding that she couldn't a.) eat the eggs right away, and b.) drink the "pink" water.

She eventually calmed down and we got to coloring. Reagan lost interest pretty fast because she was too impatient to wait for the color to set, but Luke was a champ.

I'm pretty sure he ate up every.single.second of being the center of attention. He basically ran the show.

He even put Keith to work drawing on the eggs with a white crayon.

Luke and Andrew made a decision to put multiple eggs in the cups to speed up the process.



Thanks to Andrea, Andrew, and Adam for sticking it out with the two kidlets and us! We had a great time with you guys!

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