Friday, December 28, 2007

a new year

People come up with all kinds of New Year's resolutions...and I've typically never been one of them. Sure, I could say that I need to lose some weight or start being more organized or clean my house better than the year past, but if I haven't started yet, what is going to motivate me now? Well, this year, I turn over a new leaf.

I am going to *try* to commit to this blog thing.

Please notice that I said *try* because who knows what will happen in 3 months when our little peanut makes his debut.

I wanted to add a new picture of us. This was our Christmas Card picture for this year and I was so excited to get a semi-cute belly shot. Enjoy!


mullins said...

what a darling picture!! i'm so excited you're having a BOY! congrats! hope your christmas was great and happy new year too! xoxo

Lolly Jane Boutique said...

Hey Katie- it's Kristi. And whatever- your belly is ADORABLE :) Show it off girl!