Thursday, October 15, 2009

luke's new best friend

Recently, Luke has begun chatting up a storm. We really have no idea most of the time what he is saying (except for the occasional piggie or uh oh! thrown in), so its hilarious just to sit back and listen or try to keep up a conversation with him. Since his verbal skills have taken off, he has also decided that he would like to converse with people on the phone too. He'll actually talk, wait for an answer, and respond in his own special verbiage.

These are all pictures of Luke holding a conversation on the phone with someone. He gets so serious and will even try to walk away so that he can better concentrate on what the other person is saying...or so that he can push buttons without us noticing.


Kristi and Derek said...

We should try to get Luke and Ashlyn on the phone together just to see what they would do. I think it might be pretty funny!

Belinda Berling said...

The last picture is my favorite!!

Sara White said...

Maecyn was playing with my dads phone and called Wyoming three times! oops!