Friday, May 14, 2010


1.   I have begun the post-baby hair shed. I am seriously amazed that I have any hair left at this point. Yuck.

2.   I am beyond ready for the school year to be finished. Nine days of school left until I'm done. Well...let's be honest. I'm already checked out. Done. Out of there. On a serious mental vacation. I'm ready to wake up and snuggle with my babies and not have to rush them off to spend the day with someone who isn't me. I'm ready to take my time to get ready for the day. I'm ready to teach Luke his letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and all the other fun stuff he gets to learn as he approaches the time to start preschool next year. I'm ready to not have to deal with the disrespect that has consumed my days lately. I'm ready to not have 30 kids talking incessantly, even when they aren't supposed to.

3.   Luke has met his match at daycare. One of his little friends has taken to biting him. It only happens to Luke. They aren't fighting over toys or arguing or anything and Luke gets chunks taken from his arms. I feel really bad for him; at first he'd cry when it happened, but now he just takes it and waits for someone to help him detach the biter. I'm glad that he doesn't retaliate (although I wouldn't blame him or really be angry if he did), but it still doesn't make me feel any better about the situation. There isn't much that I can do about the situation but remember that Luke only has two more weeks of daycare and then he'll be home (safe) with me.

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Belinda Berling said...

I had no idea women lose hair after a pregnancy. It's true- you really do learn something every day! And how fitting, I learned that something from a teacher :)