Monday, September 6, 2010


Luke has been making much more of an effort to speak instead of grunt and point when he wants something, and as most kids this age, most of what he says seems to be a foreign language. Luckily for you, Keith and I have become expert Luke-Language translators. I feel I need to provide a brief guide to come of Luke's most popular words and phrases so that should you run into our little giant, you might have some clue as to what he's saying. Enjoy.

shoop: swim suit
shurp: syrup
si-er: sister
perch: peach
berch: beach
bobot: robot
cher: chair
guess: yes
byank: blanket
joosh: juice
urnge: orange
cah wide: car ride (Let's go Mom!)
mah: mom
huh-lees: Hercules
pi-ees: piggies (aka toes)
twapped: trapped (locked in his room)

Good luck with the rest!

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