Tuesday, March 22, 2011

it's a potty!

Ready or not, Luke has begun the potty training process.

Keith and I have been trying to wait until he told us he was ready, but with that day not appearing to come any time soon, we had to take matters into our own hands. If I'm being completely honest about our motives, we leave for Disneyland soon and neither Keith nor I have any desire to change Luke's diapers in the park. I mean, where would we even change him? On that plastic shelf e that folds down in a stall? Umm, he'd either snap that thing clean off the wall or his legs would probably dangle long enough to graze the ground. Do we change him out in some spare stretch of grass somewhere? I think we might get more than one crazy stare from passersby. And the size of his poo recently is ginormous. I really don't want to have to deal with that anymore and Keith doesn't want to either.

After encouragement from our friend Paula, we decided to dive head first into the potty training experience. Luke has actually done much better than we had initially anticipated. He's pretty much got the "pee pee" aspect down, we just need to have the same amount of success with poo.

So, in the spirit of fair warning, if you come to our home in the near future, you might see that adorable booty running around our house pants-less. You might see us doing a very animated potty dance celebrating Luke's pee progress (and fingers crossed poo progress too). Luke, myself, or really any piece of furniture might be covered in reward stickers. We are definitely shooting for a positive experience with positive rewards.

I just wish he would positively poop on the potty. A momma can dream...

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Stephanie said...

Best of luck!! We let Cade run around naked or just in underwear and that really seemed to help. I don't blame you for your motives:-)