Wednesday, March 9, 2011

pajamas and piggie tails and peek-a-boo

A lovely blanket of sickness has seemed to hover over the Waltemeyer household these past few weeks and on one particular day, we were between my stomach bug and Reagan's impending ear infection. I decided that we needed a low-key, relaxed type of day; that's also code for stay-in-our-jammies-all-morning, in case you weren't aware.

Reagan has been doing much better with her almond milk. She loves the stuff, but we still can't giver her more than a half cup or so a day otherwise we're right back to not-goodness.

Reagan's hair has grown very quickly now that she's actually able to eat and keep nutrients from her food. This seemed like a great day to attempt piggy tails in her hair for the first time. Ummm, hello cuteness! I really thought that I wasn't going to like the piggy tails on the top of her head, but I was wrong. I think I really do love them.

It was an absolutely beautiful day outside so we went to run and play and blow bubbles. That was until Luke panicked when he spotted a grasshopper and a fly.

Luke is ridiculously fast. I can hardly get him to slow down long enough for me to get him in my viewfinder, let alone take a picture of him. He does like to come full speed at Reagan and she's learned to brace herself. There is even a solid chance she could aspire to become a teacher someday with that sweet stink eye she's got going on.

I love having proof that they do actually love each other. These moments may be fleeting, but I love them still the same.

We ended our simple day with a sweet game of family peek-a-boo.

Sometimes after a rough patch, its days like these that help me to remember why I love my life so much. Simple, sweet, special.

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Andrea Seibolt said...

I love these kids!!!! Miss you so much. I am glad to hear you are feeling better.