Saturday, February 19, 2011

life's little moments

It'll be easy to look back years from now and remember all of the "big" moments in Luke and Reagan's lives: vacations, all of their firsts, birthdays. But it's moments like the ones that happened tonight that are equally, if not more important than those "big" memories.

Reagan was asleep and when Luke began screaming and crying for one of his thousands of toys, he woke her up. In my attempt to get her back to sleep, I went into rock her.

She snuggled close to me.

She started to dance along to her music while laying in my arms.

She hummed along too, adding her own piece of musical genius.

She started clapping.
She sat up, pointed to her crib, and then leaned into me some more.

She softly stroked the silky satin edge of her blanket.

She was content laying in my arms, being my girl, as I played gently with her hair, being her momma.

{Of course, she's now screaming in her room again, but I have to take what I can get. :) }

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kristi said...

I love the tender moments... sometimes I can stare into Kase's eyes and SEE the love he has for me and I start to tear up. Being a MOM is the best thing, truly :)