Wednesday, February 2, 2011

one year

My dear, sweet Reagan is now one year old.

A full 12 months have passed since she joined us in this world. I can't say that I have enjoyed every.single.second this past year, but I would not give back this time with her for anything. She is my precious girl and I love every little piece of her: her new "stink face," her excited giggle, her deep give-me-more-food grunt, her chubby pointing fingers, her sassy looks.

Reagan has smiled and laughed more in the this last month than I think I've heard or seen from her the previous 11 months combined. She loves to play peek-a-boo and she thinks its hilarious when you try to chase her. Reagan has also started to bob back and forth when she hears music and will hold her hand up to her mouth when asked to blow kisses.

She has a cheeseball grin when she gets really excited. You can see her bitty bottom two teeth and usually a whole mess of drool will come out at the same time. I'd like to think the drool can be attributed to teething and not some sweet reaction that could be potentially embarrassing to her as she gets older. Speaking of teeth, Reagan now has four top teeth and two bottom ones, although I really am quite sure there have to be more poking through soon.

And we can't forget the stink face. When she gets irritated or even when she smiles sometimes, Reagan "stink face."

At her one year check, Reagan weighed in at 20.04 lbs (36%) and was just over 30 inces tall (86%). She continues to be one tall, lean girl...but I have a feeling her percentile for her weight might be jumping up rather quickly considering the amount of food she is now eating.

Reagan still isn't walking. Well, she isn't walking all of the time and when it does happen, it is totally on her own time. I'll watch her take 5-10 steps independently while we're in the playroom, but she absolutely refuses to walk if you try to help her or you try to trick her into it. And when she sees Luke heading her direction, she falls on purpose now so he doesn't get the chance to push her over.

For all the drama we've experienced over the course of the past few months with Reagan and her tummy issues, this month was remarkably better, especially since I stopped nursing. Meal time has taken on a life of its own at this point; the girl puts away way more food than Luke does. Breakfast is a great example. Some days I can convince Luke to eat something, anything and I usually offer him a laundry list of options praying that something piques his interest enough to eat. This morning he wanted a Pop-Tart and that single Pop-Tart took him nearly 30 minutes to eat. In that same amount of time, Reagan will eat a waffle and a cereal bar and an entire banana and a large handful of Cheerios before I have to cut her off. The girl is a maniac now where food is concerned!

Reagan still possess that insane amount of drama in her tiny body, but it doesn't always look like this now:

Most days I see this:

She is just full of wide-eyed wonder, curiosity, and amazement. Just the same way I feel every time I look at her, my daughter.

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