Wednesday, February 2, 2011

par-tay: the people

Reagan is one super lucky girl to have so many amazing people, friends and family alike, who were able to celebrate her first birthday with us.
Gail and Reagan

Haha (Holly), Keith, and Nonna

Grandma Rosenkrans and Nanny

The Original Trio: Ashlyn, Gabrielle, and Luke
All born within 22 days of each other. Those were a crazy three weeks!
And now we have the Daring Duo: Reagan and Logan
Born 5 days apart!

Reagan loved all of her birthday gifts after the fact, but it was kind of tricky to keep her still long enough to get them opened.

Baby Sarah from Nonna and Aunt Holly
Reagan was absolutely in love with this card at her party and still loves to listen to it and dance to the music almost two weeks later.

She's such a big girl on her new toy!
My partner in crime, Andi. There is absolutely no way I would have been able to get as much together before the party as I did without her help. She is amazing as always!

The NAU girls. I love that even 10 years later, we still love to get together and hang out!

Donn, Holly, and Jeanne had their own little after party at our house after everyone else left. Man, they are a funny bunch! Luke even tried to get in on the action...

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Belinda Berling said...

I love the picture of Reagan with her tongue out!

And that is awesome about the NAU girls still getting together after ten years. That is a very special thing to cherish!