Monday, January 31, 2011

par-tay: the details

In being completely honest and in the spirit of full disclosure, I'm crazy. When the pictures from Reagan's party didn't quite turn out the way I had hoped (never realized how much I don't like flash on a camera now), I re-staged her birthday the way I had pictured in my head so that I could get the pictures and memories I had originally hoped for. I had all of these grand decor plans for her party, but Regan in true princess form refused to take an afternoon nap the day of to let Andi and I set up the party, so many of the things I had wanted to do didn't get done. Such is life with a one-year-old.

I took the opportunity to recreate her party as best as I could to show all of the details that I thought were important. Let me also say one more important factor to this party: I had to throw a party that included dinner for approximately 50 people for $100 or less. Many of the things that I would have ordered or had someone else do I had to figure out myself. This was a DIY affair all the way. I definitely think I need to give credit to those who inspired me; as someone once said, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." The TomKat Studio definitely inspired all of the party printables; had I been working with a bigger budget, I would have ordered from her in a heartbeat. It would have saved me hours of staring at my computer screen! Also, The Polka Dot Market has so many adorable party products (for boys and girls!) that I would have loved to get, but I had to settle for my Tar-jay napkins. Picky Palate had this amazing recipe that I was dying to try out and Reagan's party was the perfect opportunity.

We served a simple dinner of sub sandwiches and chips, but I definitely was way more excited about all of the desserts. The dessert table included cupcakes with pearly sprinkles, white and pink chocolate dipped pretzels knots and sticks, yummy cake made by Andrea, and the previously mentioned brownie covered Oreos. I had an entire bag of tiara-shaped sugar cookies to put out with frosting and sprinkles, but that was one of the first things that was put on the back burner in the midst of Reagan's no-nap afternoon. The idea was that each kid (and adult too...let's be honest; the grown-ups like to get creative too!) would get to frost and decorate their own cookie. Instead my husband was able to take a bag full of sugar cookies to the guys he worked with the Monday after.

I really do love how Reagan's party turned out. Is it sad that I've already got the wheels turning in my head for  her second birthday? I told you--I'm crazy.

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