Monday, August 29, 2011


Typically, you have either good days or bad days. You can usually lump 99% of the days in any given year into that category. Every so often though, you get one of those what-the-crap-just-happened type of days. Today is one of those days.

Today started off as any other day does and both kids got their normal amount of sleep. Nothing this morning was out of the ordinary with the exception of Luke starting his new preschool, but that didn't affect nap times or snacks. School went fabulously and Luke had a great time.

And then I made my first mistake.

Driving home, I spotted a yellow Mustang with black stripes. Thinking I would do something nice for Luke, I pointed it out and commented how there was a Bumblebee car (please tell me you've seen Transformers and understand the reference...). Of course, my crazy kid understand and knows the difference between a Mustang and a Charger (which Bumblebee really is) and came unglued. He though he missed Bumblebee and began shouting and screaming and crying very loudly that we needed to find a Bumblebee car. We got home without seeing the much anticipated Bumblebee car and his mood worsened.

And by worsened, I mean he got louder.

He ran off to find solace in his beloved blanket and when he couldn't find it, panic ensued. He ran like a madman all over the house screaming, "Blanket! Where are you?", sobbing his poor eyes in the process. Eventually blanket was found and a semblance of peace settled over the house.

And then I made my second mistake.

I made lunch. And not the desired lunch served in the desired way. I typically make whatever and they eat whatever I serve, but today just didn't work out like that. After making at least 15 trips back and forth between the fridge and the pantry and the kids seats, I finally got to sit and take my first bite of lunch. Reagan was having it and launched her own full-scale tantrum.

Turns out the girl wanted to eat her lunch on a plate while sitting in my lap, not in her seat at the table. This made my lunch consumption not the easiest, but I managed. At this point, I didn't want to do or say anything that might set my two little munchkins into another freak out.

And then I made my third mistake.

I took off Reagan's bib when she was finished eating. How is it that something as little as her bib being removed caused such a screaming match? Wow. I quickly put the bib in question back on her and she happily played with her bib still attached until it was nap time.

I am by no means having a bad day; people are suffering and recovering from far worse ailments and situations than I am. I am blessed to have two healthy kids that I love dearly.

 But know that I am sitting here shaking my head, trying to figure out what the heck just happened.

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Lacey said...

We all have days like that! It's the great thing about being a mom! You are never alone when it comes to the experiences you have every day!! Thanks for sharing!