Friday, August 12, 2011

a rough patch

Every time I sit down to write something, or even begin to think about what to write, everything changes.

I've almost become scared to blog about anything having to do with Reagan because a.) I don't want to jinx a good thing we've got going, or b.) I am completely miserable because she is completely miserable. We haven't done anything major, haven't gone anywhere, or done anything really worth blogging about other than the fact that I've slept on her floor on more than one occasion to stop her 3am crying fits. We have our daily routine that we like to follow and we're just passing the days until the weather finally begins to cool off and we can go to the park and run errands without feeling we are melting.

For now, we play in the water in the backyard.

We work on piggy tails.

And we work on being a little more fearless.

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