Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Sometimes it is just to ridiculously hot to attempt going outside in the afternoon, but for the sake of grilling dinner, you just have to brave the onslaught of heat and make it work. The kids have decided it's a requirement for them to be outside any and all times that Keith goes out, so I tagged along this particular time with camera in hand.

Usually it's Reagan that lets me take pictures of her, but on this day she wanted nothing to do with the camera and since Luke was content rolling around in the grass playing with his cars, poor kid became the main target of the paparazzi.

I love how carefree he is in these pictures. Luke takes after my nervousness and anxiety about, oh, everything, so I love when I get to capture him completely relaxed and at peace. Reagan, being the polar opposite of Luke, is full of sass and spice. She was happy to show off how strong she's getting...

...waving adios...

...and telling me how old she is.

Luke just told me to be quiet.

The last picture cracks me up. Oh, he is his father's son. Love it.

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