Tuesday, July 5, 2011

bink breakdown


The debinkification process has encountered some bumps in our journey. We're still holding strong with bink at sleep times only, but every now and then, Reagan wants absolutely nothing to do with the new plan. This happened to be one of those days.

She knows right where the binks are hidden and makes a beeline straight for them when she feels the need arise. Which was *really* often at first.

This particular tantrum lasted a solid twenty minutes. There was screaming, crying, runny noses, thrashing, head shaking, running from me, and scaring the crap out of Luke. Keith and I made the mistake of commenting when Luke was about Reagan's age that we had never heard him scream.

Reagan has more than made up for that.

Luckily things are going better. She now waves bye-bye to her bink each morning and after nap time and as soon as I say "Night-night," she runs as fast as her chubby legs will carry her to get it. Much better.


Andrea Seibolt said...

Hilarious. I am not sure if I should be laughing at this but the last picture just says it all!

Love that little girl with all my heart!

Mattie said...

I "love" when kids throw their heads back in such anguish. Poor little girl. Glad to hear it's getting better, though!

Belinda said...

That last picture is priceless!