Thursday, March 22, 2012

cake makes everything better

This past weekend we attended my sweet niece Parker's 2nd birthday party. The kids were in love with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme and the piece de resistance of the shin-dig was the gorgeous Minnie Mouse cake. Both of my kidlets may have stuck their fingers in the back during lunch -- that's how excited they were.

Well, life doesn't always work out in your favor. See, I was sick. And Reagan has this fear of men and there were plenty to go around at the party that she had never met before. And it was crazy windy which didn't help my inability to breathe and Luke's asthma. And then there was the incident with Luke.

My brother Randy was a champ at helping out with the kids. It's tough when they run opposite directions and you are the only parent there. Randy stuck with Luke and was pushing him on the swings as Reagan was having a meltdown near the bounce house. When I looked back a minute or so later, Luke was gone. I carefully checked the playground, the pavilion where everyone was eating, the bounce house, the grassy area. No Luke. At this point, I'm now running around the park trying to find him, shouting his name.

As I pulled my phone out to call the police, I got a phone call from Randy. It turns out Luke had needed to go to the bathroom, so he took him back to Beth's house so he could go. He made sure to call me as soon as they got there and I appreciate that, but at this point, my nerves were shot and I was seconds away from bursting into tears.

Needless to say, we didn't make it much longer.

We high tailed it out of there right before the singing of Happy Birthday and the cutting of the cake. Randy was nice enough to bring us some slices in the car before we left.

We ate our cake at home after nap time. Reagan was excited for the cake, but so sad when she realized that we weren't going back to the party.

At least she had cake.

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