Tuesday, July 31, 2012

AZ Cardinals Training Camp 2012

The family and I did something that we *never* do: we took a compulsive trip.
The Husband and I are very much planners, but when we were offered VIP tickets last minute to attend the AZ Cardinals Training Camp in Flagstaff, there was absolutely no way we were saying no.

I'm giving you fair warning here: this is a post loaded to the brim with pictures, but at least half are of my sweet kidlets. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
I wish that I could explain who all of the players are and everything that we got to experience, but I'm pretty sure that I might bore you to tears; not everyone is as big a football fan as myself. I can tell you though that our most popular and well-known player is Larry Fitzgerald {see picture above} and he was warming up right in front of us. Crazy.
Because we were on the field with the VIP passes, the kids also had access to the equipment prior to the beginning of practice. Luke had a blast playing around, jumping, running, and loving the cooler weather.
Reagan was more excited to color. {Side note: Color Wonders from Crayola are our new favorite thing. LOVE.} I do have to say though, for messing with her schedule and feeding times, she stuck it out like a champ.
Also because we were on the field, we were able to get autographs and pictures with the players. Luke is now the proud owner of a football covered in at least 10 autographs (and a few fingerprint smudges) that the Husband won't let him touch.
We had a blast and are so thankful that we were blessed to get such amazing tickets to the AZ Cardinals Training Camp. And now the planning for next year begins... ;)

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