Monday, September 3, 2012

the fishes

Keith and I were super excited to enroll the kids in swim lessons this year. Last year would have been really tough with one parent and two kids in a parent-tot class; this year Luke was old enough to be in a class on his own!
For the first three weeks, we were golden. Both of the kids adored going and loved their teachers. They loved re-enacting the moves they learned in class and sang the songs all. the. time.

And then the fourth week happened. I'm not sure what triggered it exactly, but Luke had suddenly had enough and began to cry each day when it was time to go and we had to force him into the water. And when Luke is unhappy, Reagan is unhappy. It was more than this one Momma could handle solo.

So, we only went to swim lessons for four weeks this summer. Keith and I are re-evaluating our plan for future swim lessons. I think we need to look into a more personalized form of lessons for our water-shy little guy.

Any suggestions?

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