Monday, September 3, 2012

back to school

Even though Luke technically started school last year (he was there for the last quarter), this seems like the "real" start to his school career for me. We got to experience all of the fun that is the Back To School Season: supplies shopping, clothes shopping, Meet the Teacher night, and having a crazy picture-taking Momma!


 Keith surprised all of us by coming home from work just in time to take Luke to school! I don't think that Luke could have been more excited about school.

Because Luke qualifies for Speech services, he also qualifies for transportation to and from school. Reagan and I enjoy dropping him off at school, but Luke LOVES riding the school bus home. He has a huge smile on his face everyday as he hops of the bus and runs to give me a huge bear hug.
As a special treat for doing such a great job on his first day, we took both kids to get a fun treat at our local Circle K.

We are so proud of what a smart little guy Luke has become. Keep up the great work buddy!

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