Wednesday, January 16, 2008

hints from a pregnant lady...

So I've had quite the few gems said to me lately as I've started to head into the home stretch of this pregnancy jazz. For all (three) of you who might read this, here are some helpful of things NOT to say to any woman with child:

You're belly is HUGE! (Wow, as if I didn't already feel like a beached whale...)

You're pants are getting a little tight, huh? (grrr...I'm already bitter that these pants aren't available with a zipper or button and that they stretch up to my chest)

My daughter who's a month ahead of you is WAY smaller. Are you sure it isn't twins? (positive)

Do you have any stretch marks yet? (why would you even ask this?!?)

How much weight have you gained? (like I'm going to tell anyone that)

Look at you...Pregnant... (you've seen me everyday for the last 6 months. What gave it away now?)

Some days I wonder if the gloriousness of my belly is making people forget manners or temporarily lose all ability to make a kind comment. Oh well.


{Mullins} said...

really? people are that stupid? geez! i always hated when strangers rubbed my belly. no i'm not a genie but something will come out...that'd be my foot kicking you! really now!

kristi june said...

I had to laugh because I receive equally stupid/insensitive comments about infertilty. I feel your pain sista!
PS: Text me your email addy so you can view my {private} blog.

{Mullins} said...

kris sent you my addy right? apparently i DON'T have yours? email it to me! i went private as well...nagging from the cop hubby! ;) xoxo