Sunday, January 27, 2008

rainy days

I would just like to go on record saying how much I *enjoy* rainy long as they are one the weekend. Today was so nice hanging around the house with Keith while it was drizzling outside. Keith was able to catch up on a lot of reading he'd been meaning to do and I was able to organize some of the things that we've gotten for Luke so far. The nap I took was so relaxing and the chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese for dinner was very yummy. Overall, a really pleasant and productive day.

HOWEVER, I am NOT looking forward to tomorrow. Rainy days just don't have the same cozy effect when you're trapped in a classroom all day with 19 kids who just want to be running around outside. Also not so much fun is the abbreviated lunch time of a mere 20 minutes. Nothing says a great day like inhaling your lunch and having no break time. Heartburn, anyone? Yes! I can't wait! (can you hear the sarcasm?)



kristi june said...

oh my! i KNOW what you mean about rainy days and school = yucky! i am also waiting for tomorrow to be OVER already! lol why are kids so crazy when that wet stuff falls? lol :)

{Mullins} said...

hear hear! why is reading so much more enjoyable when it's raining out?