Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Yep. That's the technical term for what we are embarking on over in these parts.

Reagan is still not talking nearly as much as she should be, so our next step is to try to limit her bink usage to naps and night times only. Of course, this seriously hinders her coping mechanism to deal with all of Luke's craziness. When she's being tackled, squeezed, pushed, pinched, and generally tortured, that bink helps her take all of it like a champ and we hardly hear a peep out of her. Most times you even hear a muffled laugh out the side of her bink because she finds it hilarious. I just wish she felt the same when the bink wasn't there.

So, now that we've gotten potty training 98% under our belts, this is the next mountain we get to climb. Fingers crossed and binks out.

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