Friday, May 13, 2011

disney: parks, people, and randomness

Now that day 2 of our Disney Adventure has come to a close, I feel like I was able to take in a whole lot more of the experience today. We weren’t rushing from ride to ride today and I took the time to notice random things. It’ll be easier to list them, rather than continue as I am.

1.       Neither kid enjoys a ride that includes more than a few seconds of darkness and Luke doesn’t like anything remotely scary. We found out the very hard way. Did you know that Pirates of the Caribbean becomes the Longest. Ride. Ever. when you have children that start screaming the second you go down that first incline less than 10 seconds into the ride? Oh, and the Finding Nemo Submarine Adventure was definitely an adventure. Reagan seemed so excited when we got on the boat, watching the bubbles and fish. When things went dark and got even remotely creepy, I prayed for the end of that dang ride. The only solution we’ve found so far to help out our cause is food. Stuff Reagan full of food and she remains silent for the amount of time it takes for her to consume whatever snack you’ve shoved in there. We now travel on any ride with an insane amount of whales (the cheap version of Goldfish; they taste better).

2.       I will never knock anyone that puts a leash on their kid. After watching two different moms run frantically around shouting their poor kid’s name today in a brief 15 minute period, I completely get it. Both kids were found pretty quickly and after the moms recovered from being absolute basket cases, I wonder if they felt the same too.

3.       I can’t figure out why there are so many Australians here. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Disney. I could easily go there each year for vacation, but to travel half way around the world to get here? That is some serious Disney dedication.

4.       Teenagers without any parents around move at a snail’s pace and have no qualms about blocking any and all families from getting quickly to their next destination.

5.       We have had to cart Luke’s potty seat around with us. It travels safely in a Wal-Mart plastic bag and Keith and Luke head off to the men’s room when the time calls for it. I love that Luke is potty trained; no accidents yet here (knock on wood), but I can’t wait to not have that baseball potty trek around with us.

6.       My kids love an impromptu dance party. After finishing our dinner in Tomorrow Land, we, along with a few other families, started dancing along to the music playing over the loud speaker. Luke and Reagan both had ear to ear grins as they got their boogey on. Both kids made a break for the stage that was roped off and I can’t help but think maybe one or both might make a career of it someday. Keith would be happiest if I said it was going to be Reagan. She seems to have the personality for it anyways.

7. Disney Junior is even more exciting to Luke in person than it is on television, which is saying a lot for the kid. I thought he might have a heart attack when the Jake the Pirate and Captain Hook came out. And when the gold doubloons rained from the ceiling? He had the biggest smile I might have ever seen spread across his sweet face.

And some other randoms just for fun...

Luke was so excited to get to take pictures with Mater and McQueen.

And Luke definitely takes after his momma. Not a huge fan of roller coasters, but love the spinning rides. We {heart} the teacups!


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