Saturday, October 1, 2011

this and that

Every time I come back from an extended vacation from this lovely blog, I know that I always make excuses for my absence, give reasons why I just couldn't get to it. Not this time; you don't need to hear all that again.

All that matters is that I'm back. I have no guarantees for how long this blogging streak will last, but I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts and I hope you do too.

1. This kid. Seriously. Wednesday evening he went with Keith to pick up dinner. They made a stop at Kohl's on the way there to pick up a pair of work shorts for Keith. Luke ran away from Keith, tripped, and landed forehead-first into the corner of one of the wood displays. After a lovely trip to the Emergency Room with him, his forehead is adequately glued back together for the time being.

2.  Reagan has been holding out on us. She's had only one word that she says with certainty and consistency in her short little life: poop. It's not one of my proudest momma moments, but a word is a word. Keith and I finally had her evaluated for speech impairments this past Monday. The conclusion is that although she has a delay, she doesn't currently qualify for services.

And then yesterday happened. She said thank you. Like, well enough that we could understand her. And then today she said please unprompted. She then said trash and dada and mama and an-ee (Andi) and balloon. Where did the girl go who refused to speak any words for the first 20 months of her life with the exception of poop?

3. As if the forehead situation isn't much of a clue already, Luke is all boy. The kid can throw a perfect football spiral and can also kick with amazing force and accuracy. His favorite thing to do with Keith is wrestle and Luke's already asking to go fishing with Keith sometime soon. He'll read about pirates and dinosaurs for hours on end and likes to roar at new people he meets as if he's some kind of alpha lion. Don't mess with his pack.

4. Sass. She is all sass and the bigger and older she gets, the more sassy she gets. Watch out for Reagan because I'm convinced that she may take over the world. She's figured out how to get what she wants when she wants it, but she also makes you think that it was your idea in the first place when it really wasn't. Luke is wrapped around her cute little crooked pinky and is at her beck and call when she starts crying.

These kids are crazy, ornery, stubborn, chaotic and I love them to pieces. I wouldn't change them for anything.

Well, except maybe Reagan's screaming. I might just change that.

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Andrea Seibolt said...

She said my name!? That's my girl. I love the heck out of her. Can't wait to see her! And Luke looks so tough yet so cute. Poor buddy