Thursday, October 20, 2011

three rocks

This kid never ceases to amaze me or make me laugh. He can come up with the most crazy ideas and turn everyday phrases into the most hilarious parts of my day.

Instead of everything being a "good idea," it's now a "big idea." He was so excited on Monday when he had a "big idea" that Daddy should come home and watch his Packers.

It's also funny to me when he gets sad because he has to wait for Daddy to get home after naps and that he has to wait almost an entire week until his Packers come back.

He knows and can use the words disgusting and ridiculous completely accurately, but he says them missing important vowels and consonants. It's hard to take a kid seriously when he says something is digussing or ridiulus.

He loves his sister, but still manages to terrorize her to no end. He'll give her anything she wants when she's mid-tantrum, although 57% of her tantrums are caused by him taking something that she had in the first place.

I love this kid.

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