Tuesday, July 15, 2008

3 months

Time is seeming to fly by. Luke is three months old today! I had to do the usual chair photo shoot to track his growth. Here is a reminder of how big he has been in previous months and with the newest addition:

1 month

2 months

3 months

Luke is such a happy baby so far and has quite the personality coming out. He started sleeping for an 8 hour stretch at night with great naps during the day (sorry Tara!) and has just been so wonderful. He's started squealing with delight and has the beginning of a great laugh down, mostly just when he sees Keith or doesn't want to nurse anymore. He has also found his feet this month and is now trying to figure out how to get them into his mouth. Today we gave the bumbo seat a try for the first time and he did really well in it. I was impressed with his trunk and head control! Drool comes out almost non-stop at this point and he has managed to use this drool to blow bubbles on occasion now. We've noticed the past few days, he has been sucking his bottom lip in and under his top set of gums which results in a face similar to 'bitter beer face.' And no matter how hard I try, he always manages to find the TV and sneak watching as much as he can before I figure out what he's doing.

Those toes!

Bumbo seat

Bitter Beer Face

Sneaky Pete watching the TV


Tabby said...

He is getting so so so big!!

Valerie Ann said...

He's just watching the pretty girl on the tv...can you blame him? :)