Friday, July 25, 2008

THE activity gym

We bought this for Luke before he was born in a last minute *I think I need everything right now* moment I had about a week before he was born. I thought it was a great deal because it was on sale and I had a coupon for 10% off, so whether he liked it or not, I had it just in case. Let me say, Luke adores this thing. He will lay on the mat and smile at the crazy smiley face light for as long as we let him. He talks to it, screams at it, laughs at it, and manages to kick the bejesus out of the side bars to keep it going. I'm able to make and eat my breakfast each morning without having to worry about Luke or what he's doing because I can drag the mat over and he's right next to me. Wonderful!
The only issue that we are having with this tiny slice of heaven is that Rosco has decided that he would like to lay in there to clean himself and/or get attention by laying in it. I had a picture of this but accidentally erased it from my camera. Next time we catch him in the act, I'll make sure to share.


signmakingmoms said...

Hi! Just stopping by really quickly to let you know you're the winner of the gift certificate from Tip Junkie!
email me with any questions you have ☺

Mom2my9 (still Jen, just changed my name! Again!) said...

Hi Katie! Congrats on winning at Tip Junkie. I came here from there. About the activity gym, I have five-month-old twins and they absolutely love it! You're right about eating breakfast without being interrupted. That thing works!

{Mullins} said...

uh huh, i saw your win...TRAITOR! ;) love the matching outfits of him & killian, i was laughin when i saw that post. it's to be expected..first grandbabies and both boys! so cute!