Friday, July 11, 2008


Recently we've had some friends over for dinner. I'm not gonna lie, it's been nice to have adult company again. I feel like since we've finally started to understand Luke and his schedule and the fact that he's a pretty low-key type kid, we are able to be more adventurous and see other people.
We invited Andrea and Andrew over for dinner one night a couple of weeks ago. Andrew was so sweet to bring Luke a gift. He and my brother Randy are both avid hunters, so he got Luke a camo onesie and camo overalls. This is the picture I got when Andrew was explaining to Luke how he can wear those when they go hunt elk.

Yesterday, we had the Arnett's over for dinner. Because their daughter was born 19 days before Luke, I think the last time we had gotten together was close to 4 or more months ago. I thought that I had planned the timing perfectly with Luke's nap and feeding, but Luke had other plans yesterday afternoon. He decided to completely skip his afternoon nap which resulted in him being CRANKY right about the time they showed up. I tried to get our requisite picture of the kids together and this was the best I got from Luke:

When we put him down for a nap (about 2 minutes after the picture was taken), he crashed. I hadn't even put him all the way down before he was out. Apparently since his schedule was so messed up by this point, he woke himself up after 30 minutes and refused to go back down again and/or be the normally happy baby that he is. Our solution:

We let Luke watch Derek try to help Keith with Gran Turismo. He loves to watch the TV...and yes, I am that parent that allows their child to watch the video game to pacify them. (*hanging my head in shame*)

And just in case you were wondering, this is how Rosco feels about visitors and life in general right now:

tired. Oh well!

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The Westover Update said...

If you ever need an adult to talk to feel free...I speak 2 year old it seems now, all the time, and having an adult conversation is a great change of pace!! give me a call!