Tuesday, July 1, 2008

luke's first trip to the pool

Keith has been bugging me the past few weeks to take Luke swimming. I honestly am not ready to go anywhere near a swimsuit in this post-baby body yet, so I've been fighting it. This past Sunday I gave in and we went to Keith's mom's house to take him in. Keith got in the pool with him and I stayed out to take pictures from the sidelines. It was a great excuse for me to not have to get in, but after being outside for 10 minutes in the Arizona afternoon, I was regretting the decision to not get in with him.
At first Luke didn't seem so sure what was going on or why he was in the water. After a few minutes, he definitely seemed to warm up to the idea. He had a great time! Because he is still so young, he isn't able to go all the way under the water yet, so we didn't last too long outside. Luke enjoyed playing and "talking" to Nonna, Aunt Holly, and Uncle Corey. As soon as Luke saw Corey, he started talking like a crazy person. He seems to adore Corey already!
Luke's ready with his sweet shades

Luke and Keith ready to swim!

Not so sure we like this too much yet...

Are you sure I'm supposed to like this?

Okay...things are getting better...this isn't that bad...

Yes! This is fun!

Worn out and hot!

Happy baby!

Luke had so much to say to Corey

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kristi*june said...

too cute! love the shades.... and sorry i'm commenting on everything. you're getting to be quite the blogger! :)

PS: you look SO good as a mom! i'm so glad Luke has so many people in his life :)