Friday, December 12, 2008

a visit from pop and important sounds that mean nothing

The day after Thanksgiving my dad and brother came for a surprise visit for the weekend. I actually knew they were coming (they've learned not to spring things like this on me, especially when they are hoping to stay at our house) but the rest of the family was clueless. They arrived in time to make it to the yearly poker tournament my uncle's family holds at his house the day after Thanksgiving each year. We had a great time and Keith even won some money!

The big event happened the next morning. After finishing his morning feeding, Luke was hanging out on the couch with my dad and Keith when he said "dada" for the first time. This is really the first time he'd put any sounds together that somehow resemble actual words, so it was a fairly big deal. My dad was so excited that he got to be here for that. He has been in New Mexico much longer than anyone else, so he's missed out on a lot of things which I know is hard for him. I'm glad Pop was here for such a big day!

The first picture is right after Luke's big moment and the second one shows how proud he was of himself...or how much he loved the attention he was getting from us.

Of course we tried to get him to say it again for the camera and this was the best we could do:

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