Friday, December 12, 2008

wilson family christmas party

Every year my dear friend Kristi's family has an awesome family Christmas party and we are very lucky to be included each year. Last year, Kristi and I were both pregnant and due on the same day so we were able to eat like it was nobody's business and had a blast. This year, we were able to celebrate with the babies and it was even more fun.
Ashlyn and Luke had a great time together. Even though they've seen each other a handful of times, it had been a few months since their last get together, so it was like they were seeing each other for the first time. We had to get pictures of them next each other, just like we did when they were first born. The only difference now is that we had to get them sitting up. If we left them on their back like we used to, they would either roll or crawl away before we could get the picture taken. Here are some of my favorites:

Luke tried to put the moves on her.

He just hasn't figured out the right moves just yet...

Ashlyn also gave Luke his first Christmas gift. He absolutely loved tearing open the paper. I thoguht he wouldn't understand until next year what to do, but he screeched away as he was ripping the paper open.

He got this super cute fire truck that he loves. It makes noises and he loves when I push him around on it.

Ashlyn even got to help feed Luke his dinner.

We had a wonderful time with the Wilson family and look forward to this event every year. We are so blessed that they include us as part of their family!

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