Wednesday, June 3, 2009

bubbles and sprinklers

Although Arizona is quickly shaping up to meet its normal unholy-hot requirements for the summer, the mornings are still really nice. I thought I'd take the opportunity this morning to take Luke outside to play in the backyard because a.) there was no dog poo to be found on the lawn or nearby rocks for Luke to play with and b.) all of his backyard toys were still out from the night before which meant I did not have to lug them all out by myself. Sweet. I even remember Keith saying last night when I had mentioned this idea that it would be the perfect day because the sprinklers had gone on that day.

After Luke finished his normal breakfast this morning, we headed out to the back. As he ran around having a great time, I blew bubbles towards him from my central spot on a towel in the middle of the grass. He's never been around bubbles or even seen them before (I know, my child is deprived) so he was having a blast trying to catch the bubbles, pick up the bubbles, whatever he could with the bubbles. He was laughing and running around and it was too precious for words.

At one point, he walked over to his slide, so I helped him up onto it. He hasn't quite figured out the rock wall thing you have to climb up to get on it, so I lifted him up and sat him in position. Just as he was about to slide himself down, he looked at me with this beaming grin and I wish that I would have had my camera to capture the look. He was the happiest kid in the world at that moment. Bubbles, the slide, his mom, beautiful weather. Perfect.

And then the sprinklers came on. That would have been the real picture to see. I was not expecting them to come on at all, so I (kind-of) lost the typical mom-coolness and freaked out. Grabbing my phone and my shoes, I hopped up and saw Luke. He was screaming from the top of the slide. Poor guy had no idea why he was suddenly being sprayed with water rather forcefully and why this weird noise was being made from the water. His look was sheer panic so I grabbed him and bee-lined for the patio.

Needless to say, Keith received a very nice phone call from Luke and myself soon afterwards. I now know the water schedule very well and Keith knows to update me with any changes to said schedule. Hopefully Luke will be okay when we venture back into the yard tomorrow. I bet the bubbles will fix everything. 


Donna said...

I was laughing so hard as I was reading this blog. I could actually picture you grabbing your phone and shoes before you grabbed for Luke. Priceless....Mom :)

Traci Tenkely said...

What a great visual! I can only imagine and am surprised that you did not have your camera on you for once!