Monday, June 22, 2009

mr. murphy go away

It must be Murphy's Law or some other cosmic happening that makes certain (or one very specific thing in my case) events happen. I am not a popular girl. I do not talk on the phone a lot and actually prefer e-mails to having a verbal conversation with someone. It gives me a chance to reflect and compose my thoughts the way I really want them to sound. Maybe that's why I like to blog so much. :)

Over the past week or so, my sickness-feeling has been on the decline (praise the Lord!), but my need for sleep and rest has not. I'm still on the schedule of sleeping when Luke does to accommodate my siesta needs. *Without fail* every single time I'm about to fall asleep or have just fallen asleep, my phone rings. Either the home phone or my cell phone, but either way, one of them starts wailing in my ear. If I can't form a very witty or insightful conversation on a good rested moment in my life, there is little to no chance I have a shot at making sense while I'm groggy.

The sad part is that most of the phone calls that I do receive during these times are from the dreaded telemarketers. They are the people that call me. I used to try to let them down gently and nicely refuse whatever service they were trying to peddle, but now, I just hang up or interrupt their schpeal with a very abrupt, "Do not call me again. Ever." Sorry. Well, not really. I'm not really sorry. I'm tired and pregnant. And since Luke just went down for a nap, I'm headed to bed too.

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Belinda Berling said...

I'm the same way with phone calls/emails. I've just never really been one to talk on the phone. I've been told I don't communicate orally very well, but I know I can write clearly so that's what I prefer to do.

And I must say, I do remember you being quite popular at GHS :) Me on the other hand, I was way to quiet and reserved. Ahh, to be able to go back and change things...