Monday, June 15, 2009

i'm the turtle

I feel like Keith is running circles around me and I can't keep up or catch up. Ever since we found out we're expecting again, Keith has morphed into "I-want-to-fix-everything-around-our-house-and-have-it-completely-spotless" guy. I told him that I think he hit the nesting phase way too early this time. He claims that he's not nesting. Yeah right.

So far this week, he has:
  • installed a keyless entry to our garage
  • swept both the back patio and the front porch
  • vacuumed carpets multiple times
  • cleaned carpets in family room area
  • wiped down our laundry room door
  • adjusted the drape tie-backs so they are "more secure" in the wall
  • installed a towel bar in our bathroom
  • searched Home Depot and Lowe's to find a different towel bar that will coordinate with the rest of the house's fixtures since this one doesn't match just right
  • cleaned Rosco's mat
  • emptied garbages and recycling multiple times
  • initiated purchasing bedside lamps for our room so it can feel bigger and more cozy...his words, not mine
  • mowed and maintained the backyard
  • reorganized our laundry room
  • transformed our junk drawer into an organized miscellaneous drawer
Don't get me wrong. I am completely appreciative of everything he has accomplished. I just feel like I should be doing my equal share. Unfortunately, baby's idea of equal share means taking naps when most of this stuff was happening. I'll make it up to you sweetheart as soon as my second wind kicks in!


Jessi said...

aw, what a hubster he is! I too am spring cleaning (not nesting!) and Keith and I could compare laundry rooms and junk drawers right now. :)

Belinda Berling said...

Wow, he is a nesting machine!!

Mattie said...

Hahaha...Keith sounds like my husband!

Traci Tenkely said...

Yes please. I would like to trade husbands. I think at his pace - about an hour at my house should be enough time for him to completely remodel and repair. We'll compare schedules!