Thursday, July 30, 2009

but mom, i'm hungry

Funny story. I'm sitting at the kitchen table filling out some paperwork from school while Keith is getting the vacuum and Luke is playing with his toys. Since we've had him in daycare (all two days of it!), we've tried not to cage him in our living room when he has time at home. He's listening a lot better and is really starting to understand what we're saying. Or so I thought.

When I looked away for a second, Luke opened our pantry door, retrieved his favorite bunny crackers, closed the door, and made a beeline for the other room where we wouldn't be able to see him. He's sneaky, but not sneaky enough. I chased him and was trying to tell him to take a seat in his chair and I would feed him some. This works for his cup and other snacks, but that wasn't good enough. He wanted them right now so he started to shake the box until it exploded open and bunnies went flying everywhere.

The funniest part happened when Keith was cleaning up the lost bunnies. He actually commented to Luke and I on how he was picking up all of the sad bunnies that weren't going to get to do their job. And then he said that I should have gotten a picture. My blogging ways are taking over my husband too. Ha!


Sara White said...

You just made me laugh-I always find that Maecyn has stolen my wallet and I will find her hiding under the table of behind a door going through it. When I try and take it back she will hug it super tight to her chest and say "No, it my money's"

Carrie Ann said...

I love these kinds of stories...thanks for the laugh! :) BTW...does Keith work at Treeland? I was at my Dad's office and saw his name under as a contact for Treeland and thought...I should ask Katie! :)

{Mullins} said...