Tuesday, July 28, 2009


As of tomorrow morning around 8am, my status as a stay-at-home momma goes on hiatus. Luke starts day care. The day that I (and Keith) have been dreading for so long is finally here and we are both completely stressed out and totally rethinking our decision for me to go back to work. My head knows that everything will be okay. My head knows that he will eat and sleep as needed. My head knows that this is really what we need for our family right now.

But my heart doesn't hear any of that and is sad. I'm sad that I won't get to spend every day with my little man. I'm sad that I'll miss some of the crazy funny things that he does throughout the day. I'm sad that I won't be the one to be there to comfort him or play with him or do any of those things we do.

I know it's going to be a tough transition but we're a strong bunch and we'll make it through. We'll have evenings and weekends and holidays to make the most of our time together. We'll cherish every moment we do get to spend together and make those new things we witness just that much more meaningful and special.

For now though, I'm just sad.


Belinda Berling said...

Oh Katie, you are even making me want to cry!! After reading your blog, I must say, you should really think about writing professionally. You can definitely pull the reader in to really feel what you feel. That's a special talent!

Adri said...

Hang in there Katie! XOXO

Karen said...

That is so hard. My girls bringing home day care germs was the hardest for me. I used to cry when I left them. :(

Mattie said...

How lucky you are to have had that year with him. I wish I were that lucky. But I totally understand how hard it is going back to work when you just want to stay home.

{Mullins} said...

aww. :( hang in there!