Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a little snip snip

On Monday night, I'd finally had enough. Reagan's hair was out of control. Perhaps I should clarify that it was her mullet that was out of control. The long, straggly pieces in the back in comparison to the short pieces that were growing out on top and on the sides did not make for a good look for her. And nervous as I was, I wasn't going to take her somewhere to have it cut/trimmed/whatever when it was something I assumed I could do on my own. I've had my hair cut hundreds of times. I could surely figure out how to do it for Reagan...right?
You're going to do what to me?!?
The before shot. See her curls? Someday they'll be cute...
First snips
Finished product
Proof that she doesn't hate me

All in all everything turned out well. Reagan was a trooper and took the haircut like a pro. I didn't cut anything other than her hair (no ears, necks, or eyes were harmed in the creation of this blog post.). Believe me though, I  am in no way looking for a career change. Trims are just about where it stops for me.

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Sara White said...

Good job! When I was little my my was cutting my bang and totally cut the outer edge of me ear! so...A+ to you for not damaging her!