Tuesday, August 17, 2010

slip and slide

A few weeks ago, Andrew brought Luke this slip and slide and we finally got the chance to set it up and let Luke get his first chance to slide on it. He and Keith spent some time in the pool and watched the slip and slide for awhile so Luke could get warmed up to the idea.

Keith helped Luke out at first by flinging him down the plastic. This method actually worked out really well.

Luke is his mother's son. He hated having the grass pieces on him and started to spaz out. Once he figured out he could jump in the pool and they'd come off, he was much happier.

Luke tried to help Keith slide down.

Luke and Keith had a blast spending time together in the pool and on the slip and slide. Thank you Andrew for your sweet gift!


Karen said...

Luke looks like he had so much fun!

Mattie said...

Those are great photos and what a fun memory to keep!