Saturday, August 28, 2010


Okay, now I know that I am sooo far from being a professional hair stylist, but in recent cost cutting measures, Keith and I decided that I should try my hand at cutting his and Luke's hair. We ordered a great hair-buzzer-cutter-thing from Amazon (L.O.V.E. Amazon!) and on Thursday we had our first go at it.

Keith was up first mainly because he could sit still for an extended amount of time while I was trying to figure things out. Poor guy has a few spots on his head that are a smidge shorter than the rest, but its mainly due to the crazy way he wanted me to blend the two sections.

After he was done and I had some idea of what it was that I was doing, it was Luke's turn. Keith thought that I hadn't used enough force when using the buzzer and he thought that he could do better, so Keith started Luke's cut. Soon after the buzzing began, Keith realized that things were more difficult than he had originally thought. I finished off his cut with the scissors.

In all, I don't think the cuts turned out too bad. They are a little shorter in some areas and I had to go back on Friday and clean up a small section on Luke. For it being my first time, I'm pretty proud of how they turned out.

Getting cute is tiring work.


Andrea Seibolt said...

He looks so cute!!!! I love the last picture.

kristi said...

Not bad chica!
I'm going to give it a go with Kase soon... I just can't justify spending money on such a small head ;) lol

Luke looks great!