Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I know everybody has things their kids say that catch them completely off guard and are absolutely hilarious. Luke is no exception. Here are some of the random and funny things we've heard come out of his skinny body lately without any prompting:

"Watch and learn Ma."
"Rock and Roll over."
"Sister cyute, Yuke see-ee." (Sister's cute, Luke's silly)

I guess he also takes after me in a way with his various facial expressions and gestures that he makes. Some of these next ones are 10x more hilarious in person when you can see that adorable face or his goofy movements. I'll try to explain them the best I can and hope you get the picture. :)

"_____ is nnnnuuuuummmmm." (said while rubbing his belly in a huge circle)
"Is cooooolllld." (said while shivering)
"Yuke see-ee." (very much like the earlier phrase, but for this one he stops mid playtime and does a creepy laugh to the ceiling after he says it)

I know he's just a typical 2 and a half year old ham, but he manages to surprise me everyday with the new and crazy things he comes up with. Never a dull moment in our house with Luke the Toddler running around!

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