Wednesday, November 3, 2010

punkin luv

Do you happen to remember when I posted about our adventure into growing our own pumpkins and watermelons? If not, see this post. Keith and I were super excited to see the results of our dedication over the course of the past few months and I'm sad to say that we were very disappointed with the outcome. We ended up with this one mini pumpkin out of all the blossoms and pumpkin babies that sprouted. And don't even get Keith started about the watermelons. Maybe if I have the heart, I'll post pictures of how that turned out, but fair warning, it isn't pretty.

I had this grand idea of taking the kiddos to a pumpkin patch this year to get pictures and pick out a pumpkin to carve. Luke's  never carved a pumpkin and I was excited for this to be the year. Well...time and life happened and all of a sudden it was Halloween day and we had yet to go. Keith harvested our lone pumpkin from the backyard Halloween morning and I figured we could carve that baby; sure its small, but size doesn't always matter, right?

I ran a few errands after these pictures and by the time I returned, Luke had thrown the pumpkin and it had cracked in half. So much for that carving experience this year.

Here Mom. Take the picture already.

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Stefanie said...

oh man! you guys are too funny! i am glad you didn't end up like the book "Too Many Pumpkins"!! I also love how you said "size doesn't always matter, right?" hahahahaha!